Development services are provided by MetroPlains, LLC. MetroPlains expertise includes historic renovation and new construction. Asset management and general partner services are provided by MetroPlains Partners, LLC.

In 2007, Principals LaVerne Hanson Jr., Rob McCready, and Randy Schold created new development and asset management companies.

MetroPlains, LLC principals have more than 90 years of combined real estate development experience. Their housing development experience includes more than 55 historic renovations and just as many mixed-use apartment and townhome structures.

Building Relationships Within Communities
We partner with individuals, organizations and local governments to meet the diverse housing needs of communities.

Implementing Creative Financial Solutions
By integrating funding sources including housing tax credits, state and federal historic tax credits, HOME funds, CDBG funds, TIF funds, tax-exempt bonds, and many other state and local housing redevelopment funds.

Honoring Our Commitment to Quality
Whether it be family, senior or live-work housing developments, we focus our efforts on buildings residents are proud to call home. This, of course, is beneficial for all stakeholders. Quality construction enhances area property values and maintains long-term investment values. Most important, it remains fresh and competitive in the market.

Our long-term commitment sustains more than our investments…it enhances and revitalizes communities.

*** MetroPlains, LLC and MetroPlains Partners, LLC are unaffiliated with MetroPlains Properties, Inc. MetroPlains Management, LLC and MetroPlains Development, LLC.